Sub: Finding the missing Jain Munishri Mudit Sagar ji Maharaj

Respected Sir / Madam,

We regret to inform you that our Jain Munishri Mudit Sagar ji Maharaj is untraceable from our tirth kshetra Girnar ji in Junagarh since 23.01.2019.

On 23.01.2019, Munishri Mudit Sagar ji Maharaj went on vandana of Girnarji hills and has not returned since then. The whole Jain community all over the world is very concerned about this incident. There might be chances of some unsocial element doing wrong to him or may be hurt by some wild animal. Therefore, the peace lover and ahinsatmak Jain community are very worried about munishri.

We humbly request the central government and the state government of Gujarat to take an immediate action and arrange to find Munishri Mudit Sagar ji Maharaj on an extremely urgent basis. We all are hopeful  that if the government takes immediate appropriate action in this matter, our munishri will  be soon found.

We hope for full co-operation of the government and immediate action in this matter.

The entire Jain Samaj

(This humble online petition is an initiative by Jains for good)

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