Jains for good is committed to take up any possible responsibility that will help the society and the world. There is so much good that needs to be done in this world. With dharm in the core, Jains for good will be happy to bring more smiles to the world.

Major activities taken up by Jains for good include:

Madhya Pradesh has a large population of Jains and vegetarian community. The government of MP had decided to give eggs to small children in mid day meals. Since small children were not capable of taking independent decision the vegetarian community was afraid that their small children could unknowingly consume eggs. Therefore, Jains for Good took the initiative and contacted the Government of MP and other relevant governments requesting them to roll back the decision to give eggs to Children in schools. After a long time and effort of several other organisations and individuals, the decision was made not to give eggs to small children in schools.

To make Diwali Pollution free and avoid killing innumerable animals, Jains for Good initiated an awareness campaign requesting people to avoid using crackers in Diwali, the campaign reached thousands of people and a large number of people also pledged that they will not use fire crackers during diwali.

Indian Railways had planned to use leather in its seats. This would mean killing a very large number of innocent animals just for human comfort. Jains for Good came to know about this and felt that this needed change and started an online petition to request the government to avoid use of leather. Jains for Good got a huge support from all parts of India and abroad. Jains for good also made several efforts with different ministries and people, finally, we got an assurance that railways will change their requirements. It was a moment of utmost happiness because it saved many many innocent lives. Jains for Good thanks Smt Maneka Gandhi, The Prime Minister, Railways and each and every supporter of the mission who supported us to make this positive change happen.

Munishri Mudit Sagar ji maharaj was untraceable from Girnarji hills for several days and could not be found even after best efforts from samaj. Then there was a need for the entire jain community of India to join hands together and approach the Central Government and State Government of Gujarat to take immediate appropriate action to find munishri. To accomplish this in a very short period of time, Jains for good started an online petition to connect all the jains from every corner of India and even abroad. The petition was signed more than 2500 times within the first 36 hours from all over India and abroad. As a result of unity of the community and the efforts made by the government, munishri was traced. This was an example of uniting Jains from all over the world in a very short time.

To enable the voters select the right candidate for the BBOTC elections from a list of 50 candidates, Jains for good created an unbiased platform “Vote for good” where the contesting candidates could reach out to thousands of prospective voters with their thoughts & ideas and at the same time the community could select those candidates who they feel are right to take the responsibilities of our most important tirths in West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa.