This mission is accomplished. Railways will change their requirements.

You can view what Jains for Good requested to the Government and how people responded. However, the mission is accomplished since we have received the assurance that railways will change their requirements.


We understand that Indian Railways is planning to use leather seats in its coaches. We would like to express our serious concerns regarding this matter. The use of leather in railways will mean killing of more innocent animals to fill the requirement of railways. Kindly note that there are many alternatives of leather available today that railways can use for their seats without killing these animals.

Also please note that India is a great country with vast tradition and cultures. There are many people in India who have vowed not to use leather througout their lives and we feel proud to be a country that has kindness and mercy for all living beings in its history.

Considering the above facts, we humbly request you not to use leather in any of the Indian railways seats.

Your early action to this petition will be highly appreciated.

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