Welcome to Jains for Good

Jainism has a rich history. It focuses more upon jeev or soul, which is the essence of all living things. Jainism therefore accomodates all living things and not just the human beings. A true Jain  believes in doing good to the world in all his acts and deeds. Jains for good is simply making this true yet again.

Everyone at Jains for good has something in common :

Samvedna (Sensitivity towards all living things)

Siddhant (High principles)

Samarpan (Devotion)

Seva (Selfless Service to all living things)







What we do

Jains for good is committed to take up any possible responsibility that will help the society and the world. There is so much good that needs to be done in this world. With dharm in the core, Jains for good will be happy to bring more smiles to the world.

If you think there is something that the community needs to take care of, please email us and we will be happy to support you.

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+91 9830798516 (Jitesh Jain Bohra)
+91 9830121888 (Dr Sangita Jain Bohra)